Eye Disease Treatment

Optometrists are trained in the diagnosis and treatment of eye disease. If you are diagnosed with an eye disease, you will want the best care available. Treatment of eye disease may involve prescription or over-the-counter eyedrops. Often, a holistic approach is best and this will be discussed. Whatever we recommend, you can be sure that your vision and eye health are our primary focus. Specialized care is sometimes required and surgical consultation is available at Davison Road Optical with Claus Fichte, MD. Cataract, Lasik and other surgical procedures are co-managed at our offices with the surgeons at Fichte, Endl and Elmer Eyecare.

We treat most non-surgical eye disease, such as:

  • Conjunctivis (pink eye)
  • Corneal Ulcer
  • Blepharitis
  • Ocular Allergies
  • Glaucoma
  • Dry Eye Syndrome
  • Removal of superficial corneal foreign bodies
  • Flashes and Floaters
  • Keratoconic Contact Lens Fitting
  • Bandage Contact Lenses
  • Most eye emergencies will be seen on a same-day basis

The technology necessary for the best glaucoma care is immediately available including: Humphrey Visual Field Testing, Zeiss Cirrus OCT (optic nerve and macular health scans), gonioscopy and pachymetry.

Specialized co-management and consultation is routinely utilized when indicated. Some patients that need to see an out of town specialist are happy to have their care co-managed to save them travel time. Call our office with any questions. We are happy to accept new patients and will assist you in transferring your records.

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